Link Checker

The Link Checker in the Tools section of Hello Engines! helps you to find links on your website which do not or do no longer work.

To use it, enter your website's URL into the URL field. Determine the Scan Depth, which decides to which level of links Hello Engines! will scan, and the maximum number of Threads, which means the number of scans which are done simultaneously.  At Additional Settings you can determine some skip criteria as well as the maximum number of links to be found. For example, you can uncheck the option External Links, so that those links will be scanned as well.

Afterwards click Start Scan to start the process.

In the list of links, you can easily find broken links by their Status. In addition you can have a look at the title, type, size and change date of the site to which you link. To see all details of a link, select it and click Properties in the toolbar. To navigate to the URL directly, click Open URL on the right side of the toolbar.