New Project Wizard

The New Project Wizard can be accessed in the Project Files section and will help you to enter all necessary data for your website project.

1. URL

Enter the URL for this project. Normally, this will be the main site of your website project, that is

Afterwards, click Next and Hello Engines! will start retrieving the available data from the specified website.

2. Website Data

On this form of the wizard, enter some basic descriptions about your website. Hello Engines! will fill in most of the information based on the information which was found on the website, but some may need to be specified manually, like a Category. Select the one which best fits the content of your website. If the according information was not found on the website or you would like to change some of it you can fill it out manually. In addition, you can load that information from a template on the right side or save it as such. Then, click Next.

3. Project Keywords

Here, you should select your Primary Keyword, that is the keyword for which you would like to optimize your site. Hello Engines! will offer you some keywords according to the content which it found on your website. You can either select one of those keywords as primary keywords if you click the arrow button on the right, or choose a different keyword by typing it manually. You can also load that information from a template or save it as such. Below, you can select the Preferred Search Engine for which you would like to optimize from a drop down list which is sorted alphabetically. Afterwards, click Next.

Note: You need to select a primary keyword and a preferred search engine to be able to continue.

4. Contact Information

In this form, you can enter some personal information which is needed by some search engines.

Note: Please be careful about the e-mail address you enter as it could be abused by spammers.

5. Company Data

If the project involves a company, you can specify the according information here. You can enter several contact possibilities.

6. Access Data

Specify here, where the according html file is stored which you would like to optimize. As Website Location select either your local system or FTP Server.

You can test the connection data which you entered by clicking Test Connection.

To complete the New Project Wizard click Finish.