Project Files

In this program section you can create your projects which you would like to optimize with Hello Engines!. Apart from the URL of your website, you will have to enter some basic information and select the search engine and keyword for which you would like to optimize your site.

Click New to start the New Project Wizard which will help you to enter the data which is needed.

Afterwards, all projects will be shown in the Project list with the according information and a screenshot of the website on the right side.

Select a project from the list and click Open to select it. Accordingly, you can use the Close button when you are finished with a project.

If you would like to make changes to one project, click the Edit button to open it and have the opportunity to apply changes. Click the Save button then.

If the website has changed in the meantime, you can update the screenshot which is shown by clicking the Update Screenshot button.

In case you have a project which is very similar to an existing project, you can Duplicate a Project and make the necessary changes.