Register Websites

To be able to add additional URLs to the two which are allowed by default, you need to order them via the Hello Engines! shop. You will then receive an unlock code for additional URLs and can install it as follows:

In the main menu, click Register Websites.

Click Register New Unlock Code to be able to enter your unlock code. In the next step of the wizard you can enter the URL(s) you want to register.

Note: You need to register at least one URL. All other URLs can be added later.

Click Check URL which will open the URL in browser to ensure that you entered your website correctly. Then click Add URL to add it to the list of URLs.

After you entered all the URLs you want to add for the moment, click Register to register them.

If you already have a key installed, but still URLs left which you want to register now, you can select the according key in the list and click Register Websites. Thus, you do not have to enter your unlock code again.