Report Settings

The Report Settings for the Reports & Success Tracking section in Hello Engines! are divided into two tabs:

1. Contents

On this tab you can define which analysis elements you want to have for your report and in which order.

Uncheck all the elements you want to exclude from your report.

Furthermore, you can change the order of the elements in the list using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.


2. Appearance

On this tab you can change the look of your report.

You can select a CSS Style Sheet from the drop down list. If you select Custom..., you can add a Custom CSS below by clicking Select.

Furthermore, you can change the Header of the report and enter the description you like into the text field.

The Hello Engines! logo which is shown as Report Logo by default can be substituted by a logo of your choice, for example your own company logo. You can Restore the Default logo any time.

The Copyright/Footer is also customizable.