Sitemap Generator

Use the Sitemap Generator from the Tools section of the main menu to organize your website and make sure that all pages can be found by search engines. It is especially important if your site contains Macromedia flash or Java Script menus that do not include HTML links.

To create a sitemap proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the URL of your website into the Start URL field or select a html file at Local File.
  2. Choose the maximum number of Threads (simultaneous queries) and the necessary Scan Depth for the specified URL.
  3. If neccessary, define in the Additional Settings a maximum number of pages to be listed or certain URLs which are to be skipped.
  4. Use Start Scan to start the process and wait until it is completed.

The scanning results contain page parameters, i.e. URL, title, description, size, priority etc.

By selecting an item from the list, you can have a look at some more details by clicking Properties in the toolbar. Here, you can also change the title, description, change frequency and priority of the selected page. On the Links tab you can see all incoming and outgoing links of that site.

Check all sites, you want to include and go to the Sitemap tab.


Click Generate to obtain the site map in XML format and to apply any changes.

In addition, you can fix a sort order, which can either be default, ascending or descending.

Save the results or export the .xml file for further use .