Unlock to full version

To work with Hello Engines!, you need to unlock the software.

Important: To unlock Hello Engines! you need to be connected to the internet.

You can either select the option Unlock Now on the first program start or go to the Hello Engines! main menu in the test version and select Activate Software.

Step 1: User information

Here you enter your personal details.

Important: Please enter a valid email address. You need to enter an email address that you can access during the activation. Do not use email addresses of third persons as you need to enter the activation key which is sent to that address to complete the activation.

Step 2: Request activation key

Click the Request Activation Key button. Your activation key is sent to the specified email address within a few minutes.

Then enter the activation key into the Activation Key field.

Important: Request a new activation key if you need to activate your software again. Do not keep your activation key, because it will be invalid if you need to activate your software again, e. g. if you need to install the application on a new PC.

Step 3: Enter unlock code

Enter the unlock code which you received when ordering the software. Please note that the number of activations with one unlock code is limited.

Step 4: Register Websites

The unlock code which you purchased is valid for a specific number of websites that can be used in Hello Engines!. The number of allowed websites is shown to you in bold.

To add a URL, enter it into the New URL field below. Click Check URL to open the entered address in browser to ensure that it is the correct one. To add it to your URLs then, click Add URL.

Important: Please enter your URLs carefully. They can't be changed later.

When using the activation wizard for the first time you need to enter at least one URL. Additional URLs can be added later. Afterwards click Next and finish the wizard.