Website Optimization

In the Website Optimization section of Hello Engines! you will find a complete list of all the measures which are important for search engine optimization for the primary keyword and search engine you selected in your project.

They are sorted by superior categories which are:

Each category consists of one or more optimization measures.

By selecting one item in the list, you will see a the detailed Description of the element itself, the Importance and the current status of the element with details for your website on the right. In addition, you find a Recommendation on how to correct the problem. All this information is also shown, when you double-click an item in the list. By clicking Fix problem, Hello Engines! will offer you to  start the according measure which will fix or improve this problem as specified in the recommendations. If this is carried out successfully, the Optimization Status can be changed to Optimized for this problem in the list.

In case you prefer to take a recommended optimization measure yourself or do not want to change anything, you can set the status of that element to Optimized by selecting this option in the details window or click Set Optimized in the toolbar. If an element is not relevant for your website at all, you can click the option Exclude this element from Optimization in the details window or click Exclude Element in the toolbar. It will appear in the list as Excluded and can be added again later. If you decide to Reset the status it will be shown as Unknown and can be analyzed anew next time.

Thus, you can go through the list of optimization elements one by one and take all the necessary steps for an improved ranking based on the selected primary keyword and the search engine for which you are optimizing.