Website Rating

In the Website Rating module of Hello Engines! 7 you can get a quick summary of the most important website factors regarding the ranking.

As there are many different criteria to be considered for the ranking, promotion and popularity of a website you should check from time to time how and how good the most important of those criteria like technical requirements, linking and an acceptable PageRank have been fulfilled.  

Note: The Rating module offers the possibility to check the most important criteria at a glance and calculates an overall rating for a website. Please note that it should only be seen as a guideline and does not mean a representative statement about the quality or the real value of your webite.

To receive a rating, enter a URL into the Website field. Then, click Rate Website to start the rating query. This may take several minutes.

At the top you are shown a an overall rating for the website you entered, that is 75 of 100 (100 as the best possible value), for example. At Site Rank Position you can see which position this website has reached among the top 1,000 websites entered into Hello Engines!, for example position 678 of 1000.  

You can have a look at dynamic list of  the top 1000 of entered websites using the link below. Here, you are also shown the date of the last update of this value. Alternatively, go to the Top 1000 tab to see the current Top 1000. A click on Refresh will update the list.

Below, you are shown the details on which the rating is based. It is divided into four sections:

For each factor which contributes to the rating you will get a value which the website got. The criteria have a different weighting. Apart from this value you are shown in brackets which percentage of the possible score was achieved.  At Component Rating the scores for each section are summed up.